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Customized Group Bookings

Tailored Group Flights: Effortless travel solutions for personalized and unique group bookings.

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Religious Group Bookings

Sacred Journeys Made Easy: Effortless group bookings for religious pilgrimages and spiritual travels.

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All About Vistara:

Vistara, a leading airline in India, is synonymous with luxurious travel and top-notch customer service. With strategic hubs in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, Vistara reaches out to 38 unique destinations, both domestic and international, to meet your group travel needs.

Why Choose Fix Departures for Vistara:

With a track record of over 8 years in airline group bookings, Fix Departures is your go-to expert for organizing seamless, cost-effective group journeys, particularly in the diverse and bustling Indian airline landscape.

Our Unique Selling Points:

- Unbeatable Fares: Utilizing our pre-acquired ticket inventory, we're positioned to provide cost-effective solutions that few can compete with.

- Swift Quotations: Our commitment to efficiency is second to none, ensuring you receive rapid and accurate fare estimates.

- Around-the-Clock Support: A specialized support team is available 24/7 to address all your needs, from ticket adjustments to unique travel requests.

Group Bookings for Various Occasions:

Business Conferences

School Trips

Cultural Festivals

Athletic Contingents

Matrimonial Celebrations

Spiritual Journeys

And Beyond!

Exclusive Benefits

Expedited Check-In:

Skip the queues and save time with our exclusive priority check-in service.

Set Group Pricing:

Enjoy the assurance of set, budget-friendly group fares with Fix Departures.

On-Site Group Assistance:

Our coordinators are on-hand at the airport to ensure a smooth journey for your group from start to finish.

Booking Your Group Travel is Easy:

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

Call Now +91-9999656060

1. Reach Out : Use our online form or contact number to specify your global travel needs.
2. Receive Your Quote: We'll provide an exhaustive and economical quote promptly.
3. Confirm Your Booking: Secure your seats and prepare for an extraordinary travel experience.
4. Fly Luxuriously: Board with the assurance that every detail has been impeccably managed by Fix Departures.

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Frequently Asked

Some of the most asked questions we get

Why Opt for Fix Departures for Air India Group Bookings?

Our special focus on speed, reliability, and affordability makes us your go-to choice for group bookings.

Minimum Number of Passengers?

Air India group bookings require a minimum of 10 passengers traveling together.

Can we Travel on Different Dates?

All passengers in a group booking must travel on the same flight and date.

Discounts for Senior Citizens?

Absolutely! We offer exclusive discounts tailored for senior citizens.

What about International Routes?

With Air India covering 40 international destinations, we get you the best group rates no matter where you're headed.

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